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The Accordion is a popular and versatile keyboard instrument. We stock Firotti, one of the leading accordion makers in the world. It is a portable instrument that consists of a bass casing and a keyboard. Sometimes referred to as a squeezebox the accordion is played by compressing or expanding the bellows while pressing buttons or keys. An important component of the accordion is the metal reeds which create sound when air flows around them and causes the vibration effect. The accordion is classified as a ‘free reed instrument’ which means that a reed is set into a frame over an opening, and when air passes through the opening, the reed vibrates freely back and forth to produce sound.

Accordions were first invented in Germany, in the early eighteenth century, but since then a lot of improvements have been made. The basic form of the accordion is believed to have been invented by Christian Buschmann in Berlin in 1822, although recently a new instrument has been discovered that appears to have been built earlier.

The accordion is used in various music genres such as rock, country rock, alternative, punk, jazz, traditional and classical music. They can be played as both concert and folk instruments. The first half century of the 1900s is often called the “Golden Age of the Accordion”. Three famous players were major influences at this time: Pietro Frosini, and the two brothers Count, Guido Deiro and Pietro Deiro. Among other famous accordion players, we can mention: Charlie Gillingham, Richard Reed Parry, John Linnell and Alan Bern.

At our accordion shop, here in Edinburgh, Scotland, we have a great range of new and used accordions available to buy online. We have different types of Firotti accordions available, they are the best on the market and serviced by our trained musicians here in UK.

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