A saxophone is a woodwind instrument first developed by Adolphe Sax during the 1800s. It is composed of a mouthpiece, finger keys and a conical metal tube. The mouthpiece is the part of the instrument where the musician blows in to produce the sound. The conical tube has about 24 openings which are controlled by padded keys. By pressing different combinations of these keys, various sound effects are produced. When air is blown through the instrument it causes the reed to vibrate, producing a sound which is amplified as it travels through the instruments body. They are generally made of brass, but have occasionally been constructed of gold and silver, or even plastic. The keys consist of metal buttons. By pressing different combinations of these keys, various sound effects are produced.

Usually, there is confusion about why saxophones are considered woodwind instruments, while they are made of brass. The name of the instrument is related to the technique that is used to produce the sound. With the brass instruments, sound is produced by the player’s lips vibrating against a mouthpiece, and notes are changed by pressing different valves. Meanwhile, a saxophone, like other woodwind instruments, uses a reed to direct air into the instrument. Notes are changed by pressing keys to open and close holes and the air creates the sound.

The saxophone is a very flexible instrument, combining well with both brass and woodwind. It is the most important instrument in jazz, but it is not widely used as a concert instrument. Among the greatest jazz saxophonists have been Coleman Hawkins, Omette Coleman, Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane. A unique instrument that was originally used as a classical or military instrument, but today it can be found in almost every music genre.

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