A trumpet is a musical instrument in the brass family that is mostly known for its powerful tone which is created by blowing air through the lips. The produced sound starts a wave vibration inside the instrument in the air column.

The original trumpet consists of a cylindrical tube, but the modern ones have secondary tubing and three piston valves or more.

Most of the trumpets played today are B-flat, but some orchestras which are not satisfied with this type, use trumpets that sound higher than the standard B-flat. Other types of trumpet instrument available are A, C, D, E, low F and G. The C trumpet is most common in American orchestral playing. Trumpets pitched in the key of low G are called sopranos and are traditionally used in drum and bugle corps. Even though brass instruments are almost all made of brass, for special occasions a solid gold or silver trumpet might be created.

Most trumpet instruments are intended for beginners and are mass produced to provide high quality instruments for a reasonable price. One of the most important features of a trumpet is the sound quality. Every manufactured trumpet is tested by professionals in order to check the tone and pitch of the instrument.

The first trumpet factory was founded by Adolphe Sax in the 1800s. Nowadays trumpets are usually used in orchestras, concert bands and also in some music styles such as jazz. Musicians use the trumpet in different types of music, where worth mentioning are classical music, rock and jazz. Jazz is one of the earliest forms of music featuring a trumpet instrument. Among notable trumpets players we can mention Henry Allen, Rex Stewart, Cootie Williams and Billy Eckstine.

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