Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar is a guitar which produces its sound through the sounding board, by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air, without using any amplification method. In order to strengthen the vibration of the strings, a sound box or a sound board is used. The string, which is the main source of sound in an acoustic guitar, vibrates at a certain frequency and creates different sounds. The energy needed to increase the volume of the sound, is produced entirely by the plucking of the string, with no need of an external energy source.

Most acoustic guitars have 6 string or 12 string variations, but there are other custom made guitars that may include more strings and other features.

One of the most challenging parts of learning to play this instrument is the rhythmic aspect of it. There is the right hand strumming rhythm, the chording rhythm, and the vocal phrasing rhythm that happens when you are singing. The challenging part is to connect those 3 rhythms together.

This type of guitar is one of the most influential instruments in today’s culture. There are four general categories of acoustic (non-electric) guitars: flat-top steel-stringed, arched top, classic, and flamenco. Instruments similar to this type of guitar date back to over 5000 years ago. These instruments lead to the evolution of the six string guitar which originated in Spain. Modern and historical acoustic guitars are very different in their design and construction.

The acoustic guitar appears in much of today’s music, but mainly in rock, country, blues and folk. There are a lot of musicians that are famous for playing this type of guitar, such as: John Renbourn, Lucinda Williams, Erik Mongrain, Janet Robin, John Denver etc.

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