The guitar capo is one of the most useful accessories of a guitar. It is a device used on the neck of a stringed instrument in order to raise the pitch of the strings by shortening the playable length of the strings. It allows a guitarist to transfer a song to a higher key, and still use the original chord shapes. A capo uses a fret of a specific instrument in order to create a new nut at a higher note than the instrument’s actual nut. The guitar capo can be used to figure out new chord shapes for familiar songs by playing in the original key, but in a different position on the guitar neck.

Capos come in different sizes and shapes for different instruments. The most used capos consist of a rubber covered bar that can be attached to the instrument’s neck in order to hold down the strings. In order to decide which type of guitar capo will best suit your playing, you will need to match the capo to your guitar, the main factor being whether you have a flat fretboard or if the fretboard is curved.

A capo is also used in other instruments such as mandolins, banjos and bouzoukis. The word derives from the Italian ‘capotasto’ which means the ‘nut’ of a stringed instrument or ‘head of the fretboard’.

Among music styles that use the capo, we can mention British and American folk music, Irish traditional music and flamenco. In other music styles such as jazz and classical music, the device is used very rarely. Many musicians such as Steve Earle, Richard Thompson, Bob Dylan, George Harrison (‘Here comes the sun’), Ry Cooder and many others of the old blues and folk players have used the capo.

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