A guitar strap is a neck strap designed to hold a guitar via the shoulders. The length of the strap is adjustable in order to suit the position as needed by the guitarist. Strap pins, also named buttons, are used for attaching a strap. They are made of steel and are anchored to the guitar with screws. Sometimes, strap pins are replaced with ‘strap locks’, which make the connection of the guitar to the strap more secure. The more stable the guitar is, the easier it gets to hit the right strings. The strap allows you to position your guitar exactly the same, or in any position you want, every time you play. In a way, this helps you know where to play the notes. If the instrument is heavy, it is recommended to use a high quality padded strap. If you want the strap to be securely attached to the guitar, strap locks should be used.

The upper strap button is usually positioned near or at the top of the body, and the lower button at the bottom of the body. There are some electrics that have one or both buttons on the back of the body. Also, on some acoustic guitars, the upper strap button is positioned on the headstock.

There are even some classical and acoustic guitars that only have a single strap button, located at the bottom of the body, and the other end must be tied onto the headstock.

Some classical and acoustic guitars have no strap buttons. In this case, a musician can add one or two buttons to the guitar, or they can use a ‘neck strap’ which supports the guitar by being attached into the sound hole.

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