A string is one of the main elements in some musical instruments such as the piano, harp, guitar and members of the violin family. It is considered the vibrating element which is used to produce sound in different instruments. They have a major influence on the way your instrument sounds.

Strings may consist of a single material, like gut, nylon or steel. Also, there are ‘Wound’ strings, which are made of various materials. They are categorised in five different types: roundwound, flatwound, halfwound, hexcore and round core.

Roundwound is the simplest type of wound strings. It is constructed with round wire wrapped in a spiral around a core. They are not very difficult to manufacture and they are the least expensive. The main drawback of this type, is the fact that it has a bumpy surface, which produces friction on the player’s fingertips.

Flatwounds have a round or hex core. They have a longer playable life due to smaller grooves for dirt and oil to build up in. They sound less bright than roundwounds, usually cost more and manufacturing is more difficult.

Halfwound or pressure wound strings are a cross between roundwound and flatwound. They are made by winding wire around a hex core or round core, pressing the exterior part of the winding until it becomes flat.

Hexcores consist of regular hexagonal core. Its design prevents the winding from slipping around the core.

Round core strings consist of regular round core winding. In this category, there is a close contact between the winding and the core of the string.

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