Tremolo instruments are a type of harmonica that have more holes than the standard 10 hole instrument. They have two reeds per note which are tuned apart, one of them is tuned slightly sharp and the other slightly flat. When the instrument is played, both reeds sound, producing a wavering tremolo sound created by the two reeds being not in tune with each other.
Depending on the effect the musician wants, the level of beating can be varied. There are instruments, called ‘wet’, where the beating is faster due to the reeds being in a considerable distance from the reference pitch. In other instruments called ‘dry’, the beating is slower due to the reeds being more closely in tune.

The tremolo harmonicas are mainly used for creating special effects. Depending on a specific model and brand, the major scale begins on the 3rd or 4th group of holes, and then the pattern would be the same as the major scale pattern used in diatonic harmonicas, in relation to blows and draws.The tremolo harmonica is a ‘diatonic’ instrument, which means that it is tuned to one key. In order to play in the key of C, the musician uses a tremolo in C, to play in G he uses a tremolo in G and so on.

This type of harmonica is often used in rock and pop music. It usually has 24 or 21 holes, and is played throughout Asia and parts of Europe. In Asia it is mainly used for popular music, classical music and folk tunes. It is an instrument commonly used in schools.In Europe this harmonica is mostly used for folk music, mainly for Irish music. The members of the Murphy family are known as famous tremolo players in Europe.

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