A keyboard is a musical instrument which consists of a set of keys. The keys are grouped in larger, longer and smaller keys, and they repeat at the interval of an octave. When a key is pressed on the keyboard, one of the following processes may happen: a hammer mechanically strikes a string, plucks a string, strikes a bell, or opens a valve to let air flow through a pipe. This way, a sound is produced from the instrument.

The most commonly used keyboard instrument is the piano, that is the reason the keyboard is often referred to as the ‘piano keyboard’. The notes are organised in naturals, also called white notes, which form the main body of the instrument, and sharps and flats, called black notes, which are placed into the upper half of the naturals.

There are some keyboards that have two rows of keyboards, one placed above the other, and referred to as the lower and upper manual. Among this type of instruments we can mention pipe organs, Hammond organ and some harpsichords.

Different techniques are required to play different types of keyboard instruments. With a piano, a louder note is produced when the key is struck harder and faster, and a softer note when the key is pressed gently and lightly. In contrast, the mechanism used in a harpsichord, does not affect the volume of the note with different touch on the keyboard.

There are many famous keyboardists in pop, rock and jazz music. Many musical bands, such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Moody Blues, are known for using keyboards in their music. Billy Ritchie was the first keyboard player that took a lead role in a rock band, replacing guitar. Then, other musicians like Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson, began using this instrument.

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