A drum kit is a group of drums and other percussion instruments, and it is used by a drummer in a musical group. The instruments part of a drum kit are played by a single player with drumsticks which are held in both hands and the feet pedals that control the beater for the bass drum. A drum kit consists of different drums and idiophones. They are of different sizes and configurations depending on the musical style played. A drum kit consists of different instruments, but the most important ones are:

– The bass drum is the bottom drum and it is played by a pedal controlled by the right foot.
– The snare drum is placed between the player’s knees and it is played with drum sticks. It has small cables of metal
wires underneath the resonant head which produce the known ‘crack’ sound.
– Hi-hat cymbals, usually of the same size, can be opened and closed using a pedal that is located under the left
foot. This is used to improvise rhythms, keep the beat and keep the accompanying instruments moving.

Other components of a drum kit are: tom toms, floor tom, crash cymbal and ride cymbal.

Before the drum set was developed, different drums and cymbals were played separately by different percussionists. In the 1840s, percussionists began to experiment with foot pedals, so that they could play more than one instrument. In the 1860s, some percussionists began to experiment with combining multiple drums into a single set. In 1909 the first workable bass drum pedal system was patented by William Ludwig and his brother, Theobald Ludwig. The modern drum kit was developed during the 1920s in New Orleans.

The drum kit is part of the rhythm section that is used in many types of traditional and popular music styles, from rock and pop, to jazz and blues.

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