Shakers are percussive musical instruments used for creating rhythm in music. By shaking this instrument, moving it back and forth, a specific sound is created. Players usually hold shakers by their handles, usually in pairs, and shake them. A shaker usually consists of a container, partially full of small objects such as beads, and when these objects collide with each other, with the inside surface, or with other objects, they create the percussive sound.

There are different types of this instrument, for example maraca, djemble, cajon, kosika, caxixi and juju shakers. The most known and used instrument of this family is the egg shaker. It is a hand percussion instrument that makes a noise when shaken. The outer part is egg shaped or ovoidal. It is full of small objects, such as beads or seeds, which create a sound as they collide with each other and with the inner surface of the container. The egg shaker can be played in different ways. It can be shaken up and down in order to create a fast percussion sound, or from side to side creating a different sound.

Maracas, also called rumba shakers, are classified as idiophones. They originated in Latin America and consist of two balls made of wood, leather or plastic.

A shaker instrument is used alongside other instruments like pianos, saxophones, violins, bass guitars, trumpet, and occasionally with acoustic or electric guitars. It can be used in different genres of music from Latin music, pop, rock and classical music. They are characteristic of the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Brazil and Jamaica.

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