A piano is a musical instrument that is played using a keyboard. It has the broadest range of any instrument, so it can be used for composing music for all other instruments. It can be played solo, but usually it is used by other instruments for accompaniment. It is one of the world’s most familiar musical instruments, even though it is not portable and often very expensive. The piano may be the most complicated musical instrument with over 2500 parts. Its parts are organised into five structural and mechanical areas: the soundboard and the ribs and bridges, the cast iron plate, the strings, the keys and hammers, and the case of the wing-shaped grand piano.

The case has many structural parts that are used for attaching legs and tuning pins. The soundboard is used to amplify the vibrations of the strings, which are transmitted through bridges. The strings are sounded when the keys are pressed, and silenced when the keys are released. A string is struck by a padded hammer when the musician presses a key on the piano’s keyboard.

The piano’s ancestors are considered to be the first stringed instruments. The instrument was invented by Bartolomeo de Francesco Cristofori in 1700, Padua, Italy. This piano had hammers that struck the strings by falling by momentum. Cristofori’s interest in the pianoforte was continued by Johann Andreas Silbermann, and after Frederick the Great purchased several of these instruments, it became popular in Germany.

Pianos can be used in almost any genre of music, including classical music, blues, jazz, pop and rock music. Mozart, one of the most popular pianists, could be considered the first concert pianist as he performed widely on the piano. Among other famous pianists we can mention: Beethoven, Clementi, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Oscar Peterson and Herbie Hancock.

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