Digital Pianos

A digital piano is an electronic musical instrument. These instruments use an electronic synthesised emulation of the piano sound, which is then amplified using an internal loudspeaker. Digital pianos have weighted or semi weighted keyboards, which attempt to produce the same playing sensation as an acoustic piano.

Some digital pianos are designed to look like an acoustic piano and they are intended to provide an accurate simulation of this type of piano. Even though the sound produced by a digital piano may not be as rich as the sound of an acoustic piano, the digital instruments have some advantages over acoustic ones. Most of the digital pianos are smaller and lighter in weight, they cost much less than an acoustic piano and also they do not need to be tuned. Typically they require low maintenance, are often easily portable and do not require the use of microphones.

Digital pianos can be connected to a keyboard amplifier or PA system in order to produce a sound loud enough for a large concert venue. These pianos can also emulate the sound of other instruments including electric piano, Hammond organ, pipe organ and harpsichord. In general, a digital piano produces sounds that are based on sampling. The samples stored in these instruments are usually made using expensive microphones, high quality pianos and preamps in a professional recording studio.

Digital pianos usually have a MIDI connection, which allows them to be controlled or to control other electronic instruments. They may also have a disk drive used to load MIDI data, which the piano can play automatically.

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