Stringed Instruments

A stringed instrument is a musical instrument that produces sound by the vibration of stretched strings. In most stringed instruments, the vibrations are transferred to the body, which then vibrates along with the air inside it. Stringed instruments are classified by the technique used to make the strings vibrate. Usually they come in four sizes: the violin, the smallest one, viola, cello, and the double bass, which is the biggest. The sound produced from the violin and viola is high pitched, while the cello and double bass, which are the larger instruments of this family, produce low rich sounds.

The three most used techniques are bowing, striking, and plucking. In the bowing technique the process is periodic, so that the overtones are kept in a harmonic relationship.
The plucking method is used in instruments such as banjo, guitar, harp, mandolin, and sitar, using either a thumb, finger or quills in order to pluck the strings.

In the bowing method the strings are usually played by drawing a bow across them. The handle of the bow is usually made of wood, and its strings are horsehair taken from horse’s tail. Other string instruments that use the bowing method are the violin, viola, double bass and cello.

In the striking method, the sound is produced by striking the string. This method of sound production is used in the piano instrument and hammered dulcimer. The player will use the fingers to pluck the strings, and often they turn the bow upside down and play the strings with the wooden handle.

The body of the stringed instruments are made of different kinds of wood, but the strings are made of steel, nylon or sometimes gut.

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